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29 May 2011 @ 09:23 pm
~ Mira ~  
It's time for it again, meet with my moriloli, Mira <3

(first by Sicc, next three by me, last by rika-wawa@da. third, she is with her gang Lena, Kuu and Reo, last two, with her bf, Kuu)

Name: Mira Roos
Birthday: 3rd March
Height: 1.56 m
Nationality: Estonian
Eyes: reddish purple, no glasses or contact
Hair: bluish purple, reaching the middle of her back
Appearance: short, slim, small boobs (NOT flatchest), thin legs, pale skin
Voice actor of choice: Ueda Kana

Family: Mira is the eldest child, but she is rather a stranger. She loves her family, even though they tend to forget about her. Her sister is really cute and uses all her charm and smile to amuse everyone; the modest Mira has no chance.

Personality: She is an introverted, silent, calm girl. It’s pretty hard for her to speak up, to tell what she wants. She can disappear from people’s eyes easily, they don’t even recognize her when she appears or leaves. She likes solitude; she can busy herself with everything. She desires to be loved, therefore she loves everyone, she can forgive easily. She is not that naive, she can see whether people only play with her or not. She is really helpful, if people ask her to help; she never refuses, even if she knows she can’t do what they asked. She has a very shy and polite personality. She isn’t afraid from things girls usually afraid from, since she loves wandering in the forests and nature, she got used to insects and spiders and any kind of “scary” animals. She likes daydreaming, she has her head in the clouds, her fantasy has no limits. Deep within her heart, she pretty enjoys naughty things, and she likes to dominate, but due to her personality, it’s hidden. Until it’s too late.

Clothing: She never wears any ostentatious clothes. The style she's associated the most is mori style - loose fitting clothes, layers everywhere, 90% of her gardrobe is beige and white, and she only wears pants for obligatory events (like P.E. lessons). She likes lace, but not as much as lolitas would wear, rather flower-patterned dresses. She has simple stuff too, her secondary colors are lilac and light yellow. She likes jewelry, but doesn’t wear them very often, she is afraid of losing those precious things. She likes perfumes; her favorite scents are lemon and mint.

Music: She pretty enjoys musicals and romantic music, but her main favorites are movie soundtracks, Celtic, instrumental, ambient and classical music. She has a pretty voice, but it’s weak, she’ll never be a single singer, but choirs are okay. She is addicted to harps, too.

Hobbies: Her favorite hobby is gardening, she pretty enjoys nature and cares about plants a lot. She enjoys touring in the forest, discovering new, hidden paths deep within. She likes reading, she is addicted to fantasy stories, too. Secretly, she builds up her own world and writes stories, but she is too afraid to publish, and, of course, it’s a high fantasy placed in a parallel world of our middle age – stealing elemental monuments of the histories of the neighborhood countries. She addicted to museums, beautiful art can really amuse her.

Friends: Her BFF is Lena, who is chubby, strong, cool and kind of aggressive girl, who is very protective of Mira. Reo, Lena's bf is like a brother to him. Her boyfriend is Kuu, she fell in love with him at the moment she saw him, and she saw a chick-magnet playboy. he tried to be his friend only, but after, she somehow made Kuu fell in love with her, too, since then, they are living happily even after.

two more guy coming, the redhaired dork, Reo, and Kana's bf, the overconfident tennis prodigy Shii
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