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17 May 2011 @ 03:16 pm
Hi to all! Long time to see. As usual, I won't post about anything but my interests, fangirling, convention and Eurovision. Mixed feelings.

So let's start with the convention. I'm the member of the staff group, I help everywhere I can, my main work is to help organise the cosplay contests, telling the contestants when to go up, where to go down from the stage, where to go for shooting, etc, but my favorite job is being a checkroom attendant. Seriously, it's just too fun XD There are always at least three peeps there, we can hype, I can joke with the visitors etc.

Saturday, we held the craftmanship contest, which was, well, determined. Three good individual cosplayer and one awesome group. It was pretty much evident who gets the prizes.

Anyway, let's check my faves from that day!

Otome Youkai Zakuro 83 Biggest suprize of the day. I never expected someone to make Zakuro. She was so happy I recognized her XD

Assassin's Creed perhaps? Anyway, she was cool, too.

Shame on me, I didn't recognized them, I asked the girl what's that thing on her haid and said 'Poporing' OHMAGOD TWO ASSASSINS AND A CHAMPION WOAAAH. I like RO ;;;

Rosiel and her crew again. She always prepares awesome stuff, now Angel Sanctuary ;w;

Not awesome but that's me. Yes, Bianchi again, I took a liking on her XD I found two Reborns, each of them was a guy, he was the better XD

Needs a bigger pic, and still no big enough 83 The awesome group of Trinity Blood featuring a lot of my friends <3 bestestmostimportant Mantis as Havel, also An-chan as Noelle, Dread as Radu and Gabi as Kate :) I'll hunt down their on-stage video, it was awesome.

Hmhmm... well, Queen's Blade, I like finding random Nico-lookalikes XD Nico is flatchasted oh well

GAYNESS 8D Paszuly as Gakupo

aaaaand Miya 'cause she is pretty and I will miss her 8C

Let's change a topic a bit - Eurovision. I left my work 90 min earlier just to make sure I can watch the show. I watched, France was pretty, I liked UK, Lena go home oh sorry you are home, along with Azerbaijan. I'm really disappointed and thanks, Eurovision being a political shit and -sincerely- thanks Finland for the 12 points. Kati is still in my heart and she is the best thing Hungary presented for a whole time.

Okay let's move on to Sunday! It was a pain in the ass, I arrived there at 7.30am and they didn't let me into the parking lot because the Hungexpo opens only 8.00am. AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN LET ME IN INTO THE BULDING TO CHANGE MY CLOTHES oh well, fuck you, Hungexpo. I managed to get in 8.30am.

It was cold and I wore warmer clothes than the day before, still, it was too cold. Today we held the performance contest (and if things goes well, I can be the part of the jury at the next con autumn) and. let me share the best performance I've ever seen.

Mantis as Honkong and Miya as Taiwan.

Today, like yesterday, I counted the audience's votes to decide which was the best performance. There were two regular groups, a group of humorists who keeps repeating themself and a group of bitches which dances like, well, bitches and gets all the guys votes /I dont like them but audience does though.../, so I was afraid they won't win, but they did at the end. I was extremely happy! After, I had to write the list for the technicians of the other prizes as well, and I saw them being placed in the top 3 in four categories. From five cats. What. They got nominated in best choreography, best in-character perf, and took the best performance and audience's favorite prize. They were so happy sdfghjkl I'm so proud of them! *o*

Mantis *o* and I dont have a pic where Miya is cute enough ;;;

Anna as Gakuto from Dream Live 3

Yume as Spade, with a Giotto who disappeared by the Time I finished my work

Me as Yamamoto with Eni as Lal <3 This two charas doesn't have anything in common but we must have a pic together always. DGM / PoT combo was better last time XD

SHOUJO RIKKAIDAI GEKOKUJO DAZE HMM HMM HMM. /inside jokes. half of them./

Okay that's enough. Thanks for reading! ^^
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♥Angelineangelbott on May 17th, 2011 11:47 pm (UTC)
That's cool. xD