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15 August 2010 @ 09:08 pm
~ Nico ~  
Since she is my heart for a year and my favorite OC, I planned to share some facts about her with you <3


(First pic by naru-kii@DA, 2-5 by neko_romancer, 6 by HanaHiwatari@DA, last two by me. on 4-7, with Kana, neko_romancer's OC, on last, with Mukuro)

Name: Nicoletta
Nick: Nico
Birth place: Italy
Birthday: 4th August
Blood type: 0
Height: 1,76 m
Eyes: Gray, no glasses or contact
Hair: Blond, reaching the middle of her back
Appearance: tall, slim, slender, flatchasted, long legs. has a tatoo on her right hand, a red rose.

Family: Her mother died when Nico was born, therefore she could only rely on her distant-working father and her 7 years older brother. She is extremely close to him, sometimes she feels she could even develop truly loving him.

Personality: She is an outgoing, smart, self-confident girl. She exactly knows her good points and highlights them. She can amaze most of humanity at first glance. She has no friends to begin with, she sees them only pals, who are good to go shopping with, to go party with. Also, she never hunts love, just guys she can flirt with. Her brother is everything to her, she has a huge brother complex, nobody can be better than him. She trust in no one else than him. If someone can reach her heart, which is a really, really hard way to go on, she opens up her heart and mind, step by step. Her greatest fear is that she will be betrayed by someone close to her. She never asks for help, she only let others see her fear or cry only when it's stormy, since she has astraphobia.

Clothing: She likes strong colors more than light ones, and prefers warm colors over cold. She often wears black and red, but she likes orange, white and pink too. Sometimes she wears dark blue or violet, but never thinks about yellow, brown and turquoise. Because her main beauty is holded in her legs, she never wears long skirts or jeans. Her skirts are never down to her knees, so does her pants. She also likes to show her nice waist, so her tops are also short. Even though she seems like a bitch, she is almost flatchasted, so she never puts her boobs out - she has nothing to show to begin with. She likes wearing one-pieces, too. Because of her height, she is always concerned about her shoes, but ends up buying and using high heeled sandals anyway. Jewelry is not her taste, she is addicted only to earrings, she has a pretty collection from expensive to the most dummy ones.

Music: Since she was a balerina, she likes classical music. She is an everyday occurence in discos, therefore she likes techno music and remixes too, also up-beat pop, rock, metal matches with her taste. She is kind of okay with everything, but highly avoids cheesy, slow and overromantic songs. If she were in a classical orchesta, she would choose a string instrument, mainly cello or viola. In a modern punk / rock / metal band, she would be the bassist. But definitely not the singer.

Food: Since she is an italian, she is addicted to italian food, and she is a pro cook if it comes to pizza, tortellini, spagetthi, lasanga and tiramisu. Because of her friends, she introduces herself to japanese cuisine too, but she is not an expert yet. She is one of the lucky who doesn't get fat no matter what she eats. Her greatest addiction is icecream, everyone can win her heart if they invite her for some.

Sports: Any kind of dance. Name three dance and she can reply with steps and moves from at least two of them. She is a balerina, so her main dance is balett, but also likes waltz, most of the latin dances and other ballroom dances. She is flexible therefore she is fine with gymnastics. Swimming is also her taste, but neither of the ball games. She is a dumb if it comes to balls. And not a good team player either. She likes to shine, shine for only herself, if she has to match to a partner or a team, she sees this as a curb and tries to escape.

At the end, have an FST for her which potrays her better than my words:

1. A balerina who locks herself in a locket.
2. A dancer who likes mixing classical with modern.
3. A sister who is almost in love with her brother.
4. A sex bomb who rules the dance floor.
5. A female who doesn't mind flirting with other females.
6. A boss who can control all her subordinates.
7. A bitch who can amaze all her customers.
8. A player who isn't used to light plays.
9. A secret who won't show her true self.
10. A lover who knows her love is forbidden.
11. A girl who will be never forgiven.

Featuring Breaking Benjamin, Ruslana, Porcelain and the Tramps and Koda Kumi, click here to download.
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